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This page provides an overview of upcoming and recent international events organised by the ITD. Global conferences are managed together with a host countries: Morocco in 2013, India in 2011, China in 2009, Argentina in 2007 and Italy in 2005. Regional conferences are jointly held with countries and organisations on different continents. Check out the latest ones in Thailand, Albania, Tunisia, Georgia, Philippines and Rwanda, for example.

Tax and Intergovernmental Relations – Morocco – 3-5 December 2013

The ITD’s 5th global conference considered “Tax and Intergovernmental Relations,” covering the full range of tax issues that arise from the interactions between local, state, and central governments, as well as those that arise within regional agreements. Arrangements within and between countries for allocating tax powers, collecting revenue and distributing funds have a significant impact on the overall level, structure and efficiency of the tax system, and can have powerful implications for macroeconomic performance. The conference addressed both policy and administrative aspects of these important issues.

More than 350 senior tax policymakers and administrators from over 95 countries participated in this conference, hosted by the Moroccan Economy and Finance Ministry.

  Conference web site

Regional conference on Transfer Pricing in East Asia and the Pacific -
Thailand – 12-14 December 2012

Following the success of the conference in Albania, the ITD is now supporting the organisation of a second regional event in the area of transfer pricing which will now focus on countries from the region of East Asia and the Pacific. This regional conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 12-14 December 2012 and will be hosted by the Revenue Department of Thailand.

The aim of the event remains to share experiences and views on a regional basis and identify approaches to address the policy challenges linked to the introduction of transfer pricing regulation and options for a cost-efficient compliance management system that will ensure a good investment climate for the private sector. The conference will bring together representatives from Tax Administrations and Ministries of Finance in East Asia and the Pacific, international transfer pricing experts from the member organisations of the International Tax Dialogue, experienced transfer pricing officials from other countries and participants from other bilateral and multilateral agencies.

  Conference Documents

Regional conference on Transfer Pricing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia -
Albania - 30 May – 1 June 2012

The International Tax Dialogue (ITD) is pleased to announce a high-level conference on ‘Transfer Pricing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Protecting the Tax Base and Building a Strong Investment Climate’ that will be held in Tirana, Albania on 30 May – 1 June 2012. The meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Albania.

This event aims at sharing experiences and views on a regional basis and identifying approaches to address the policy challenges linked to the introduction of transfer pricing regulation and options for a cost-efficient compliance management system that will ensure a good investment climate for the private sector.

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ITD – MENA Regional Follow-up Conference: Better Governance and Fair Taxation -
Tunisia - 30 - 31 May 2012

This conference is a follow up event to the 4th ITD Global conference on “Tax and Inequality” that took place in Delhi in December 2011. The main objective of this ITD MENA conference is to contribute to the debate that will help determine the changes that are needed in the MENA region in terms of goals, objectives and processes of policy formulation. The workshops that will take place are intended to highlight the tools and good practices that can deliver these changes.

The conference aims to help countries in the MENA region to deliver greater engagement by citizens in policy decisions, and create the conditions for more confident businesses that spurs investment, employment and economic growth. Open, transparent and accountable governments, with equitable and fair tax systems, provide the strong base for political processes and constitutional arrangements that are sustainable over the long term.

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Tax and Inequality - India - 7 – 9 December 2011

In cooperation with the International Tax Dialogue, India is very pleased to be hosting the 4th ITD Global Conference on Tax and Inequality. This conference provides a unique and timely opportunity to address to what extent taxation can be seen as part of the solution to growing inequalities in income and wealth.

This is a high level conference, with senior level representation from over 100 countries expected to attend the Vigyan Bhawan venue in New Delhi. A number of prominent academics and representatives of regional and international organisations will be also present at the conference.

  Conference web site

Taxing Micro and Small businesses - From Informality to Voluntary Tax Compliance - Georgia -
4 - 6 May 2011

IFC together with the International Tax Dialogue and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia organised a Conference on "Taxing Micro and Small Businesses - From Informality to Voluntary Tax Compliance" on May 4 – 6 2011 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was also supported by the Austrian Ministry of Finance and SECO. The conference brought together about 70 participants, including senior finance ministry officials and heads of tax administrations from more than 20 countries across Europe and Central Asia, representatives from IFC, WB, IMF, SECO, and other regional institutions.

The Conference aimed at sharing the experience on taxation of micro and small businesses among participating countries. Discussions focused on identifying strategies to facilitate the formalisation of small businesses, highlighting best practices in the design of simplified tax systems for micro and small businesses, and analysing options to introduce a cost-efficient compliance management system.

  Conference Documents

Effective Micro and Small Business Compliance Management – Tax Policy and Tax Administration Solutions - Philippines –
2 – 5 March 2010

Ministers, Vice Ministers, Commissioner Generals and other senior officials from 21 countries meet in Manila to discuss challenges in effective micro and small business compliance management and the lessons to be drawn from the Asia region. Themes included the role MSE taxation has in broader state building objectives, strategies to widen the tax net, ensuring compliance, risk assessment, service strategies and reducing administration and compliance costs.

  Conference Documents

Financial Institutions and Instruments – China – 26-28 October 2009

The Government of the People’s Republic of China and the International Tax Dialogue (ITD) were pleased to present a global conference on the topic of ‘Financial Institutions and Instruments – Tax Challenges and Solutions’ which was held in Beijing on 26-28 October 2009. Over 300 senior officials from 84 countries and international organisations attended the event. As per ITD previous conferences, both policy and administrative issues were covered.

  Conference web site

Taxing Micro and Small Business - From Confrontation to Cooperation - Rwanda –
22 – 24 April 2009

Commissioners and senior officials from 23 African countries as well as development partners came together to discuss how to best support the growth and development of micro and small business while ensuring compliance. Topics included development objectives, design choices, compliance issues and administration approaches.

  Conference Documents

SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) - Argentina - October 2007

The conference provided an opportunity to share country experiences at a truly global level and to discuss good practice in ensuring tax compliance whilst minimising compliance burden and providing the best environment for growth. Given the important role SMEs play in economic development, and the unique challenges posed for policy makers and administrators, this is an important topic for all of our countries.  The conference is aimed at high-level policymakers and administrators with responsibility for the taxation of SMEs in their respective ministry of finance or revenue authority.

  Conference web site

VAT (Value Added Tax) - Italy - March 2005

The introduction and administration of VAT systems can present both considerable opportunities and difficulties. Both the ITD and the Italian Government believe that there is significant benefit in bringing together experts on VAT and enabling countries to mutually share their knowledge and experience. The objective of the conference was to tap the wealth of experience developed and to explore scope for further dissemination of good practice among countries.

  Conference web site